The rise of the Divine Feminine is here and she is eager to rise within you.

Her Spirit is intertwined between each and every one of us.


We're the sisters of the Rising She Tribe ...

 pulled together by the universe through our desires to awaken the feminine divine. Collectively we teach women how to carve the path to their highest self through deep inner transformational work. 

Having done the work ourselves and continue to do daily, we've seen how quickly the universe responds to our desires when we release control and surrender to the process. 

We've manifested and co-created incredible experiences together from Rising She Retreats, 5,000+ sisterhood community, Goddess Festival, 5-figure course launches and freedom with our families to keep doing the things we love!

We've learned = It's all possible.


Seana, Sara & Rosemary

You see, you've been pulled here for a reason.

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