Module #1 // Grow Your Tribe on Facebook

How to Grow Your Tribe to 1K in Under 4 Months with These Tried & True Systems


Module #2 // Grow Your Tribe on Pinterest

How to Grow Your Tribe Using Pinterest


Module #3 // Universal Connection

How to Co-Create Your Online Growth With The Universe

Tribe Vibe

1. Take some time to list your goals (short & long term), and next to each goal, begin to list or journal about the feelings you associate with achieving these goal

2. Who is your Avatar? Begin to envision the women coming into your tribe....what are their needs, passions, frustrations, hobbies, etc. The more you understand your Avatar (tribe) on a deep level, the more you'll be able to support them, bring value in the tribe and meet their needs as a whole

3. Paint a picture for them. When you're asking women to come together in a virtual online space, it's up to you to create tone or the vibe, so it feels less virtual and more in tune with their energy. You can do this with images, videos, fonts, in-group into the right vibe, play around til you find your niche, and have fun with it!!



Dream Day Meditation


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