About Rosemary

The firecracker action starter on a mission to help women awaken and rise their inner Shakti. Rosemary is an Intuitive Visionary Coach for Female Entrepreneurs seeking to amplify their Psychic Abilities to create massive success in their business. She is an energy worker and connects with Source through Chakra work, Psychic Readings, Oracle card readings, and meditation. Rosemary's Soul Mission is to empower women to find their Truth and Divine gifts so they can fulfill their life purpose. She guides women to find their voice and to let go of Fear and self-limited belief patterns so they can fully step into their Power. Rosemary is a Reiki Master & Spiritual Teacher, Empath, Lightworker Leader, and Psychic Medium. 

There are multiple ways we can work together. You can choose one specific area or we can work with multiple. Here is a list below:

Shadow Work

+ This is for the woman who is ready to dive deep into the shadows and release the fear, blocks, and self limited belief patterns that have held her back from living a life of Truth and happiness. We will be going deep into your Shadow's and integrating them into your Spiritual self. Part of doing the healing work is so that you will be able to serve your clients in the most authentic way possible.

Find harmony between your Divine Masculine and
Feminine energies

+ This is for the woman that has either been living too much in her masculine or too much in her feminine and needs to find harmony between the two and connect to a state of Wholeness. We will work with the Archetypes, Ascension Principles, rituals, connecting with your intuition, and connection to Higher Self and inner Goddess energy. 

Enhance your Psychic Abilities 

+ This 1:1 work is for women wanting to expand their intuitive abilities and dive deep into the limited-belief patterns that have kept them from trusting their intuition. We will work together to enhance your Divine gifts given to you by the Creator/Source/God/Universe. Psychic work is Sacred and should be honored and treated as such. I will teach you how to set up your sessions, conduct your sessions, and also close out your sessions. These are all important steps in creating integrity with your work and protecting yourself and your clients. I will also provide a space for you to practice your Gifts during our 1:1 sessions. Mindset work is heavily implemented during our time together because this is an integral part of becoming an accomplished Psychic. 

Chakras & Energy Healing

+ For woman wanting to enhance their healing abilities and bring them into their business. Learn in-depth about the chakras and how they affect the body, mind, and spirit. 

Develop a Spiritual Foundation for your Business

+ For the Female Entrepreneur wanting to dive deep into Spirituality and develop a stronger, more heart-centered business foundation. 



"Rosemary knew things about me and brought things to light that I didn't know we're holding me back or affecting my life the way they were. I feel like I can take a deep breath now. I feel lightened and reassured of some of the fears that were holding me back. Rosemary is amazing and worth so much more than what her sessions cost. The words, enlightenment, and messages were the greatest gift she could have ever given me. I hope that I can get some more answers through meditation and opening myself up more. Love, light, and moonbeams Rosemary! You rock!" - Desiree G.





 Let's work together to create a life you love.

I'm here to help you:
Fulfill your Life Purpose
Embrace Your Divine Gifts from Source
Break Free from the self-limited beliefs patterns that are holding you back from finding true happiness in your life
Create massive success in your business by embracing your Psychic Abilities


Goddess, You've been pulled here for a reason.

I would be overjoyed to work with you if any or all of the below resonate with you:

+ You're tired of living a life with no purpose and are eager to find what it is.

+ You're ready to EMBRACE you Divine Gifts from Source and use them to create massive success in your business.

+ You are tired of living in fear and anxiety and are ready to dive deep and release the blocks and resistance holding you back from living a truly Authentic life.

+ You've been operating in the Masculine for far too long and are ready to connect back with your Divine Feminine and find Harmony in your life.

+ You want to connect back with your true Feminine nature and dive into rituals, understand the archetypes and live an Empowered lifestyle.

+ You KNOW you have psychic abilities but aren't sure exactly where to start to develop them.

+ You are already an established Entrepreneur but want to learn how to develop a more Spiritual foundation for your business.

+ You've heard of Chakras & Energy Healing but have no idea what they really are, how to use them in your life, or how to bring them into your business.

+ You're ready to AMPLIFY your healing abilities and help your clients on a deeper level

+ You've heard of Ascension, but have no idea what it is or how to accomplish it


"Rosemary is a caring, intuitive soul with such a comforting presence. Rosemary was able to bring some underlying issues to the surface and validated many things that I had been feeling. This confirmation allowed me to move forward with more clarity and a cleared energy. Ever since my session with her, I feel even more aligned and doors have been opening. Thank you Rosemary!" - Kelly R.

I have so much to teach you and am BEYOND excited to bring you to your next level. It is your time to live a life of PURPOSE and PASSION.
Sister, Let's make Magic together.




3 months of purpose driven, soul-touching, earth-shattering weekly sessions.

My focus is your GROWTH. I am living my purpose, and I want to guide you to Live yours. Our coaching sessions will be focused around your empowerment. I will guide you and teach you everything I know about breaking self-limited belief patterns, living a life of love and connection, tapping into your Psychic Wisdom, how to find harmony in the beautiful energies within us and so much more. But it will be up to YOU to use these tools and change your life. 

You are meant to live a life of passion and purpose. You are meant to live the life you've always dreamed of. We are not meant to live a stale life. We are meant to live in Love, Light, & harmony. To trust our intuition and use it to create the life we crave and desire.


Here's what you receive:

Weekly 60 Minute Sessions

Three Months of Coaching

Unlimited Support from me via messenger/email/text in between our sessions

2 Reiki Sessions specifically tailored to your needs

Commitment to your Self-Growth and Expansion

Access to all my Knowledge and Psychic Wisdom

Break free from your Self-Limited Beliefs that are keeping you from living the life you desire

Amplify Your Psychic Gifts to Create Massive Success in your Life

Find the Harmony you are seeking by embracing the Divine Masculine & Feminine within You




When you invest in your growth and expansion, that's where the real magic happens. The universe is always conspiring in your favor and for your Highest Good and the Highest Good for others. I'll be honest, when I first invested in a high-level coach, it was a bit scary. But change ALWAYS happens outside your comfort zone. I challenge you to get a little uncomfortable because that's where the up level really occurs and the biggest breakthroughs happen. It's time to leave the victim mentality behind and become the VICTOR. I'll be with you every step of the way, Sister.





"Rosemary empowered me to allow myself to voice my truth and let myself be heard. I've shut that out for so long. Talking with Rosemary was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I am finally breaking down my walls with the suggestions she made and feeling like my old self again and finding who I was. I can't wait for my next session with Rosemary to continue in my healing process and on my spiritual journey that I have found again. I highly suggest her. She is wonderful and the spiritual sister that you've always been looking for. Thank you Rosemary for helping me on my spiritual journey and healing process." - Arica S


If you're ready to say HELL YES to a new way of living - a life of purpose, passion, connection, truth, and Love then let's look arms and do this together!

To book a coaching consult, click on the link below.

I charge $99 for the consult. 

During our time, I will coach you on whatever topic you'd like to work on and

then we will go over the program details and pricing options at the end of the call.

Once I receive your payment, I will send you an email to schedule.

With Love & Light,

Rosemary <3