Custom Guided Meditation

During our 20 mins together, we will move through a chakra exploration and then dive into any of the chakras that are specifically blocked and need extra Focus. This will be done using Distance Reiki healing with the intention of Ritual to release. You will receive a custom guided meditation created within 48 hours after the session to meet your specific needs and sent to you as an mp4. This meditation will be around 15 mins. I will provide a space for you to cultivate stronger relationships, release judgement, and anxiety. You will gain more harmony in your life, Alignment, a deeper connection to your Spirit, and replace fear with Divine unconditional Love. 

Healing Investment $111

About sara

Sara is a wife and mother of 3. She has spent the last 10 years as a pediatric Respiratory Therapist. Her path and her calling now has transitioned to aiding women, helping them to become more balanced and centered through meditation and focusing on the power of the mind and the power of the breath through custom guided meditations. Sara's ability to connect with her clients on a deep level, allow her to create a healing space for them as they reconnect to their truth. Sara is a co-founder of Rising She Tribe, co-teacher of Divine She School and Reiki Practioner. She is an intuitive healer and a Lightworker.