Awaken Your Wild Woman & Connect with Your Sacred Sexuality


The Wild woman is an endangered species. She’s been neatly packed away for centuries placed in a box and left on a shelf deep in the depths of our souls to be forgotten. She’s been forced into the “modern day” woman (you know who that is) - who is pressured to be ALL the things for all people. She has been harrassed and falsely accused of being devious and consuming and too aggressive in nature. She has been devalued by society as not worthy or good enough of her predecessors. She has been targeted by those who fear her bravery, playful spirit, and strength.


But when we hear these words, “wild” and “woman”, an intuitive remembrance stirs deep within our souls. Understanding the Wild Woman nature is a practice. It’s a knowing of the soul and without her women are lost. She is our eyes and ears and deep connection to our soulfooting. We become too much, too little, or nothing at all. We remain in silence when truly we are burning inside to let her free. Just as the human heart manages the physical body, the Wild Woman is our inner thermostat, our soulful heart. When we lose sight of her we are cut off from our natural ability to see.


What does it feel to be disconnected from Wild Woman?

If you think, feel, or act in any of the following ways, you have severed the relationship with your inner Wild Woman.

Fatigued, dry, frightened, without inspiration or meaning, feeling powerless, doubtful, blocked, shitty choices in partners, inability to set limits or pace yourself, self-conscious, fear to seek out mentorship, fear for caring for others or for yourself, fear to set out on a journey, numbness, angst, anxiety, afraid to stand up for yourself, speak up, speak out, speak against, repeatedly counting to three and not starting. And yet with all of this, is still fully capable and fully functioning. It has become an epidemic everywhere around the world.

But You can turn it around and become a healthy women - a strong life force, loyal, inventive, life-giving, Aware, and sensual in nature. With her by your side, as your leader, mentor, and teacher - we can see not just through two eyes, but through the eyes of intuition. She carries the ability to heal, she knows everything a woman needs to be - she is the carrier and the destination.  

So what role does she play in your Sacred Sexuality?

She is a Goddess of natural and nourishing cycles - she is the “heat” buried within our soul. She burns high and low in a cyclical nature - because that’s how woman work. We are cyclical in nature. Just as our cycles follow the moon, the “heat” within us has her own course. The energy released from our fire is a woman who performs as she sees fit. Her heat is not represented by her sexuality alone but by an intense sensory awareness that includes her sexuality. She is sexually wise and is Sacred to her wild nature.


Sacred sexuality is not just about sex, but about stepping into our power to create Love, laughter, relieve sadness, and wildness. Letting our hair down to explore ourselves and our partners. Moving our bodies in dance and ritual, connecting with deep seeded tribal power that is held within us. She is the woman that stomps in the rain puddles, dances like noones watching, creates a sacred sexual practice with herself, takes care of her partner, her children, and her home. She’s the woman who allows herself to dress as she wants and say what’s on her heart. She dances for her partner to turn them on, and dances for herself to do the same. She’s not afraid to express herself sensually and sexually. She’s determined and ambitious. She has a deep connection with the Divine Mother. She can be dirty and respectable. Wild and tame. The Wild woman is sexy, but strong, sweet, but stubborn, thriving and confident, loving and pure. She is comfortable in her body and in her power as a sorceress. She laughs and cries and screams when needed. She has the ability to create boundaries for herself and others. She breathes deeply to allow herself to feel.

The Wild Woman holds space for her partner to express himself or herself fully, allowing them to be empowered and find harmony in the Divine Masculine and Feminine energy. My favorite quote from “Women who Run with the Wolves” reads: We may have forgotten her name, we may not answer when she calls ours, but in our bones we know her, we yearn toward her, we know she belongs to us and we to her.”  She is ready to be seen again and our hope is that you fully embrace her.

So, the question is… what’s stopping you?