How We Manifested Over $22,000

Do you ever feel like you totally get this manifestation stuff and yet at the same time, it isn't working quick enough?

The radical thing to remember is that the universe is always looking for the fastest way to give each one of us our desires but we're the ones blocking the energetic flow. We're stopping the connection due to fear, worry or even the thoughts of, "damn, what if I do get this desire, when what?"

My husband and I have been using the law of attraction to win concert tickets, trips, hotels stays and even free meals for years. To date we've manifested just over $22,000 and counting and I have to tell you, it's really quite easy when you know this simple breakdown.


First the most important thing to do is to get into a state of desire. Notice how I didn't say, "want" wanting is a different vibration than desire. Try this exercise for yourself, think of something you'd like to come into your life. Let's say, a new car. Hold the image of the car in your mind and then say out-loud, "I want this car" notice how you feel. Now try the same process using the word desire, "I desire this car" notice the subtle difference? By using want we tie in the feeling of lack thus blocking the car. Never use the word want when you're working with the law of attraction, it'll only hold back what you truly desire.


This is my absolute favorite piece of knowledge to share with you because it’s so simple! When you're ready to quickly manifest want you desire, get impeccably clear on what it is. Everything from the color, to how it feels, smells, tastes! Use all your senses. Close your eyes and imagine it already in your possession. Be with it, use it, make up stories in your mind. PLAY with it! But remember be extremely clear. Just as you would at a restaurant, you ask for exactly what you want, not a version of what you want. You want clarity on your desires and the universe loves a clear statement.

When my husband and I we're bringing in the VIP experience passes and front row admission to The Kings of Leon concert, we first visualized ourselves in the front row, what the opening song would be, what would we wear that night, where would we go to dinner beforehand, what was our hotel room going to be like, what would we order for room service the next day. In our minds, it was already here and 3 days later, we won the full VIP experience and even got to meet the band (which we didn't visualize) which goes to show that the universe is always working to give us what we desire!


The next time you find yourself sitting in a space of non-believing is because you haven't spent enough time in clarity. If you find yourself here, in the waiting phase it's important to take action. Go search around online for exactly what you desire, place it on a vision board, on your computer screen, your cell phone screen, your bathroom mirror. As long as you're seeing it and it create that electric charge of excitement, you're sending the signal! Imagine all you’ll do when it’s here? Have fun with your thoughts.


Give gratitude for the moment the universe delivers, thank you! Don’t be afraid to ask, “more of this please” which is exactly what the universe wants to hear. I like to imagine that my universe retriever is exactly that, an adorable puppy full of glowing light bound and determined to find what I ask for. Anxious for my next request and praised when it returns.

Try giving your universe an animal, one that’s ready and waiting for your clarity request. Standing by for when you throw out the stick of certainty knowing that it’ll be returned back bigger and more grand than you could have ever imagined.

Happy manifesting,

Seana | The Bohemian Blonde