Your space to connect with your soul,

awaken your intuitive abilities

and step fully into your purpose.

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+ VIP access to the once a month Rising She VIP Gatheringhosted by Seana, Rosemary & Sara for a 60 minute LIVE in-depth Masterclass Level Training where you can ask questions in real time and participate with fellow VIP Soul Sisters 

(valued at $297)

+ Hand selected expert speakers will be presenting to the group each month for a 1 hour LIVE breakthrough group session

(valued at $222+)

+ New Moon & Full Moon Ritual Booklets 

(valued at $55)

+ 3 Part Instant Access Video Course Training on Turning Your Fear to Fire 

(valued at $222)

+ Accountability buddy from a fellow VIP Soul Sister


+ 7 Day Chakra Cleanse & Buddha Bowl Guide to Open and Awaken Your Chakra System 

(valued at $111)

+ Kundalini Activation Sessions and New Monthly Guided Meditations available in the Meditation Hub (valued at $333)

+ LIVE Monthly Trainings based on the 4 stages of Womanhood & Seasons

(valued at $111 per month)

+ Specialized BONUS Workshops on Business Building, Awakening Your Intuitive Abilities, Embracing Your Healing Abilities & MORE!

(Valued at $2,222+)

+ Private Facebook Group to Network, Mix & Mingle with Fellow Rising She VIPs


Unlimited Access to ALL of our content and trainings ... basically getting 3 kick-ass mentors each month + a bonus expert speaker!

(valued at $5,555+)

New! Content Added All The Time

Surprise! Calls and Meet-Ups with Seana, Rosemary & Sara for VIP Members Only


Gain Instant Access To: 

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New Moon Ritual 


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Full Moon Ritual E-BOOK

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7 Day Chakra cleanse

All of that, plus:

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Fear to Fire Transformational E-Course


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Hi! We're the founders of the Rising She Tribe and

our facebook community has blown UP in a few short months! 

Which is why we've creating this smaller more intimate Rising She VIP experience just for you. 

This space is right for you if... 

+ You desire to stay committed to a monthly meditation practice

+ You enjoy learning from expert speakers in a LIVE monthly matersclass setting

+ You're ready to be among fellow action taking soul-sisters from around the globe

+ Your know that when you invest in yourself, you take action

+ You desire to be a VIP and stand out in a thriving community

We cannot wait to welcome you into the Rising She VIP experience.